Grant Writing Tip: Don’t reuse…rewrite!

Grant Writing Tip: Don’t reuse…rewrite!

It’s the mission of atPlay Consulting to deliver grant writing education to the sport, recreation, and healthy living sectors, and as such, we’re providing a series of grant writing tips intended to make your next proposal a success. This week’s tip is intended for those groups submitting applications to multiple funding opportunities. It’s the rare project that is funded entirely through one successful grant proposal. Groups seeking funding for a healthy living project often submit multiple applications to different funders in the hope of having one or several sign-on to support the initiative. And since preparing a high quality grant proposal entails a significant investment of human resources, there seemingly exists an incentive to reuse the same application for multiple grant opportunities.

We’re here to tell you that, unfortunately for the overworked nonprofit employee tasked with preparing a grant application, this is a bad idea.

While you may save man hours by re-submitting the same proposal to multiple opportunities, this time saving approach will be clearly evident to the keen eyes of experienced grant review committees. Remember, as we’ve previously wrote about, it is important to always directly respond to the questions asked. A grant application which doesn’t deliberately and explicitly respond to every question will almost assuredly be denied.

When submitting applications to multiple potential funding partners, each application must be treated uniquely and given its proper due diligence. While you can utilize the same project concept for multiple grant proposals, you must take the time to respond to each question uniquely. Yes, this is more work. But taking the time to effectively prepare three excellent grant proposals is far better than investing time in submitting ten low quality proposals.

So remember, don’t reuse…rewrite!

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