Grant Writing Tip: Be People-Centric.

Grant Writing Tip: Be People-Centric.

Successful grant writing is a nuanced, layered, process. This is a message atPlay communicates to all of our partners, and we hope it is a message readers of our grant writing tips are internalizing as well. Today’s tip touches on a central theme common to many of our blog posts: grantmakers consider more than just the application received when evaluating potential grantees.

Today’s grant writing tip: Be a people-centric organization, and demonstrate this in your application.

Increased accountability is a more than just a trend in the granting world, it is the new reality. Increasingly, grantmaking organizations are expecting funded organizations to not only deliver on their proposed projects, but to demonstrate in measurable terms specific outcomes of the project. It is not enough to simply have a good idea – your organization must also demonstrate its capacity to successfully implement the project.

So how do you best demonstrate capacity?

While listing the number of board members, full time staff, part time staff, and volunteers will give the grantmaker a broad perspective on your organization’s human resources, successful proposals often take it a step further. Have an all-star staff member with outstanding qualifications and a history of making things happen? Tell the funder in your grant application!

Successful organizations are people-centric, and are thus able to tell potential funders who the key players in the organization are, and why they’re essential. So don’t be afraid to name names. Identifying the key individuals in an organization/project will demonstrate to your funder that you are committed to the individuals within your organization. An organization that is committed to its people is exactly the type that can affect big change in the community – and isn’t that exactly what every grantmaker hopes to achieve?

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