Grant Writing Tips

Grant Writing Tip: Be People-Centric.

Successful grant writing is a nuanced, layered, process. This is a message atPlay communicates to all of our partners, and we hope it is a message readers of our grant writing tips are internalizing as well. Today’s tip touches on a central theme common to many of our blog posts: grantmakers consider more than just the application received when evaluating potential grantees.

Today’s grant writing tip: Be a people-centric organization, and demonstrate this in your application.

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Grant Writing Tip: Always Strictly Adhere to Application Guidelines

It’s the mission of the atPlay team to improve the quality of grant applications submitted by sport, recreation, and healthy living organizations. While becoming grant-ready is no overnight task, there are some approaches organizations can take to address what we view as “low hanging fruit” in terms of submitting quality applications. Today’s grant writing tip is a simple one that can make a big difference: always strictly adhere to the grantmaker’s application guidelines.

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Grant Writing Tip: Focus on Solutions, not Problems!

We’re back with another grant writing tip for non profit and charitable organizations seeking to increase their grant writing success rate. Today’s tip emerges directly from the conversations we’ve had with grantmakers: the focus of your grant proposal should always be on a solution, not a problem.

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Grant Writing Tip: The Importance of Feedback

Grant proposal writing isn’t always the most rewarding of tasks. You can spend hours conceptualizing a project, ensuring it aligns with the funder’s guidelines, writing a highly polished and professional proposal, editing it until every i is dotted and t is crossed, spend months envisioning a cheque arriving in your organization’s mailbox…only to receive a briefly worded form letter informing you your proposal was not successful. Where did it go wrong? This week’s grant writing tip: Ask for feedback!

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Grant Writing Tip: Don’t reuse…rewrite!

It’s the mission of atPlay Consulting to deliver grant writing education to the sport, recreation, and healthy living sectors, and as such, we’re providing a series of grant writing tips intended to make your next proposal a success. This week’s tip is intended for those groups submitting applications to multiple funding opportunities. 

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Grant Writing Tip: Tell a Story

It’s been a little while, but we’re back with another grant writing tip for nonprofits and charities seeking to write truly great funding proposals. Today we’ll be focusing on an often overlooked element in the proposal writing process: the importance of a strong narrative.

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Grant Writing Tip: Sustainability

You’ve built a project from the ground-up, and prepared a well written grant proposal that expertly reflects the benefits of your program. So how do you ensure your application is looked upon highly by grantmakers? Today’s grant writing tip examines one aspect you simply must address in your proposal: sustainability.

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Grant Writing Tip: Respect the Process

Grant writing is too often framed as just another task for an overworked nonprofit employee. It’s not. It’s a process. Today’s grant writing tip: always respect the process.

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Grant Writing Tip: Write in 3rd Person

Grant writing can be an intimidating task, particularly for sport, recreation, and community organizations that have not traditionally pursued this fundraising avenue. Our series of grant writing tips is intended to remove the mystery surrounding writing winning grant proposals

Today’s grant writing tip is a simple one: always write in the third person.

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Grant Writing Tip: The 4 Essential Ingredients of a Problem Statement

A good problem statement, or ‘statement of need’, lives at the heart of any successful grant proposal. It is the raison d’être for your pitch; an opportunity to convince funders that your program or project addresses an important community issue that just won’t go away without your help and their money.

Todays grant writing tip reveals what we consider to be the 4 essential components to composing a compelling problem statement.

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